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We outline the terms and conditions for using the freshdeals.co.uk website (the "Website”), an online service provided by Fresh Deals LTD (“Fresh Deals”). By creating an account and/or using the website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed on this page.

The Website

Fresh Deals originated on social media in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, as the community grew it became more apparent that a website would better serve the community allowing users to tailor the deal alerts to their requirements. As the presence of the website grew affiliate relationships we developed with select suppliers. The funds generated from the website sales allows us to support, manage and develop this online service further.

Our Role

Fresh Deals does not endorse any of the products featured on the website or are responsible for the condition/quality of the product, delivery time and or any issues accounted with the goods once received. Fresh Deals is not a supplier or seller of goods or services but a platform connecting users with suppliers and retailers. Fresh Deals does not have any legal obligations which applies to the suppliers and seller of the goods or services visible on the website. Fresh Deals will provide the most accurate data pertaining to the products or services featured on the website; in almost every case this information will be provided by the supplier or retailer and therefore if it is deemed misleading or inaccurate Fresh Deals does not take any responsibility for this misinformation. Fresh Deals strongly advises users of the website to exercise the normal level of caution when making an online purchase and check details on the third party website prior to making a purchase.

Website Conduct

    Fresh Deals expect all users of the website to respect all other users regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, culture or any other differences. Healthy debates are encouraged but please be kind with your words towards others. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Spam and irrelevant links are prohibited on this site and will be removed. Fresh Deals reserve the right to remove any user if they do not adhere to the rules of conduct. It is in every user’s interest to ensure that the content they post is not: abusive, defamatory, indecent, menacing, obscene, offensive or threatening does not pertain to information deemed as personal, private, illegal or in breach of copyright, trademark and/or basic rights does not contain any malware (this list includes the following but is not exhaustive of:- computer virus(es), macro virus(es), Trojan horse(s), worm(s), or any software/program/script/file designed to disrupt or interfere with the normal operating process of a computer does not intercept data, access data we store without authority, or seize any system, data or personal information does not content information pertaining to any other company, products or services they are promoting or affiliated with.

Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.The Privacy Policy outlines the information we may obtain and store pertaining to you.

Changes to the Agreement

We reserve the right to update and alter these terms and conditions whenever we deem necessary. The date of the latest update can be found below. The Terms and Conditions outlined on this page were last updated on 22/05/2020.

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Our Story
Fresh Deals is a family-run, UK-based deals website, founded in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Starting as a tool to help NHS staff access the UK's best deals, freebies, and voucher codes during the pandemic, as time went on the demand for our services grew beyond the small community we originally set out to help. We now provide the very best of the UK's deals to thousands of members. We search high and low to bring you the best online deals the internet has to offer. Fresh Deals posts the best deals daily, the hottest deals every hour, and the latest deals every minute.

Our Promise
1. We only show the best deals the internet has to offer so you don‘t waste any time searching for those money-saving bargains.
2. We only work with sellers that offer the best prices.
3. We refuse to work with sellers that have do not have excellent reputation with their customers.

In order to keep our platform free to use, some deals are monetised by means of affiliate link. This does not affect the way the deals are shown and we show all deals sorted by your vote. Simply use our search function to find products or browse through our categories to source products of interest.
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