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Magnum double ruby red berries/gold caramel billionaire ice cream - £2.10 @ Morrisons

Magnum double ruby red berries/gold caramel billionaire ice cream - £2.10 @ Morrisons

Posted: 5/9/2021, 10:51:01 AM
Available @ Morrisons
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Discover Magnum Double Ruby Berries & Cream: one of our most indulgent tubs ever, combining velvety dairy ice cream with a blueberry sauce, wrapped in cracking ruby chocolate, made with the unique ruby cocoa bean, and uniquely finished with a blend of strawberry and biscuit pieces. Considered the biggest innovation in the chocolate world since white chocolate was discovered 80 years ago, ruby chocolate has a delicate berry taste. It gets its unique pink colour from ruby cacao beans and is free from artificial colours and flavours. Excellence is achieved when you care about every detail. That's why we select the most exclusive ingredients and expert hands to create every one of our products with passion and precision. Working closely with the Rainforest Alliance to make sure all our cocoa beans are responsibly sourced, our cocoa beans have a long way to go before they become Magnum chocolate. It’s about quality and sustainability throughout every step of the journey, and Magnum Double Ruby Berries & Cream ice cream tub is no exception. Since 1989, pleasure seekers around the world have been discovering Magnum. Boasting a wide range of flavours like Magnum Double Caramel ice cream, Magnum Salted Caramel & Glazed Almond ice cream and even our Vegan ice cream range, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud. Which ice cream flavour will satisfy your indulgence? Available in mini size sticks and ice cream tubs, visit our website to explore the full range of Magnum ice creams, discover a world of indulgence and stay true to pleasure. #neverstopplaying Discover Magnum Double Ruby Berries & Cream – a delicious combination of velvety smooth dairy ice cream and cracking ruby chocolate, One of our most indulgent ice cream tubs ever, with a blueberry sauce swirl and a unique ruby chocolate top layer topped with a blend of strawberry and biscuit pieces, This tub of ice cream with a thick chocolate top layer, a cracking chocolate shell and chocolate shards is a sweet treat for pleasure seekers, Made with the highest quality cocoa beans, this ice cream is certified by the Rainforest Alliance to satisfy every chocolate expert, Our ice cream dessert is made from the highest quality ingredients by expert hands with passion and precision, The perfect ice cream tub for that indulgent 9pm sofa moment – just press to crack and enjoy! Country of Origin Hungary Frozen

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