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L'Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Hot Pink Temporary Blonde Hair Colour

L'Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Hot Pink Temporary Blonde Hair Colour

Posted: 4/10/2021, 8:59:45 AM
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<p><span style="font-weight:bold;text-decoration:underline;">L'Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Hot Pink Temporary Blonde Hair Colour</span><br><br>Gentle formula that gives instant colour with no need to rinse. It is not a hair dye, it’s like makeup for your hair. Like eyeshadow, you may feel some texture on your hair but it will fade in 1 shampoo. <br><br>Careful: if you are a brunette and use a shade intended for blondes the colour may not show up on your hair. <br><br>Apply on strands or small sections only – careful, it’s not a full head colour! It’ll take 10-20 mins, depending on your hair length/ type and the look you want. No gloves needed!<br><br>Tips for perfect application: <br>1. Apply a small drop of colour on a strand of hair from the tip/ends and blend upwards. <br>2. Comb while still wet to ensure even spread<br>3. Repeat on more strands as your look requires<br>4. Air dry or blow dry to set the colour</p><br/><p> Now only <strong>£2.00</strong></p>

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